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How To Stimulate Hair Growth In Children?

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So, you have realized that the hair of your little one is not growing as you would have wanted or expected. It is normal for a parent to be worried especially when the peers of his or her children have fuller and longer hair. One is usually left wondering what it is they are doing wrong, or what it is they are not doing. In this post, we look at some of the things you can do to stimulate the hair growth of your child or children. I hope you find these practical tips useful or rather applicable from your end.

Feed the hair of your children

Forget about those expensive and fancy salon treatments. The secret behind the strong and shiny strands you see with your friends and their children is diet. Giving your kids a variety of healthy foods will go a long way in improving the growth of their hair in ways you have ever managed. Replace carbonated drinks with water for strong and sufficiently moisturized hair.

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Further, make sure that your children eat a balanced diet at all times. Eliminate junk foods from their diets. In the beginning, they will have difficulties adjusting to life without junk food, but in the end, it will be worthwhile. Proper nutrition is fundamental to the growth of healthy hair. Include fruits and vegetables – including the ones with vitamin A to facilitate the good health of scalp glands. Stock your pantry with strawberries, dark and green vegetables and citrus fruits, as well as tomatoes to guarantee sufficient supply for vitamin C that is known to prevent hair breakage. Your child’s meals should also include sources of vitamin E to improve the general quality of the hair. Lastly, her meals should contain enough proteins as this nutrient is critical to the growth of strong hair. Plan her meals in a way that allows sufficient intake of all the nutrients.

Invest in food supplements

Is your child a poor feeder? Well, it happens due to one reason or the other. In such instances, it is impossible for your little one to satisfy all the nutritional requirements from food alone. One of the best ways of handling this challenge is to use food supplements. Look for a brand of supplements designed for kids containing all the key nutrients and minerals such as zinc, iron as well as omega-3 fatty acids. When you start shopping, be wary of scams and do everything possible to make sure that you have bought the original brand of the supplements you are eyeing.

Hair styling

What hair styles does your child spot? Improper handling of hair has the potential to cause hair breakage and thinning. By all means, avoid hairstyles and handling techniques that put unnecessary stress on the hair. If she must wear a ponytail; it should be loosely held. When drying her hair with a towel, teach her to do it tenderly rather than vigorously. Use a wide-toothed comb on her wet hair. Excessive exposure of hair to the heat does her more harm than good. In as much as you will need that hair dryer, use it as less often as possible. Finally, make sure that her hair is conditioned at least once per month.

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