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How To Prevent Hair Loss When Losing Weight?

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Among the leading causes of hair loss is sudden trauma – whether physical or emotional. A sudden weight loss, for instance, has the potential to result in hair loss. One is therefore left wondering what to do if they need to lose weight and still keep the natural volume and length of their hair. Is it possible or must one choose which of the two they consider the most important?

In this post, we consider a scenario where you want to shed off excess pounds and also keep your hair intact. I hope you find it useful.

Don’t opt for a crash diet

The type of diet you observe in your weight loss program plays a significant role in determining whether or not you will keep your hair. Before anything else, understand that it is possible to lose weight without using the crash diet approach. Instead, ask the help of a nutritionist to develop the right diet that meets all the nutritional requirements, yet low in carbs and fat. Also, rather than take one huge meal, consider taking small meals several times a day. This way, your body will not go into a pre-starvation state, a situation that deprives your hair of nutrients and in turn leading to hair loss. A proper diet should be accompanied by regular exercise and sufficient rest.

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Include proteins in your diet

Proteins are a critical hair element. For this reason, you should ensure that you are consuming enough proteins. Your protein requirement differs from one person to another – depending on things such as body weight and how much activities one engages in on a daily basis. There are so many online tools that you can use to determine your recommended protein intake. A nutritionist will also come in handy in instances of this nature.

Hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatment is an effective way of keeping hair sufficiently nourished and in turn, prevents hair loss during weight loss. In a hot steel container, mix olive, almond and coconut oil in equal portions. Before you go to bed, massage your scalp and the hair using this oil treatment and then cleanse it in the morning.

Food supplements

At times, it is impossible to consume enough proteins, whole grains, and vitamins that your hair is desperately in need of to prevent breakage and thinning. There are days that the appetite runs away from us and the last thing one wants to do is eat. Other days you are too busy to keep with your diet. How do you deal with this? The best way to ensure that you are consuming the recommended amounts of these nutritional components is to opt for food supplements. Experts recommend medicinal supplements especially because they are relatively safer than their counterparts. Take multivitamin tablets or capsules and also look for proper mineral supplements such as zinc and iron. Before you proceed to purchase and take any food supplements, consult your doctor. He will advise you the way forward based on your medical history and your current state of health.

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