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How To Know If You Are Losing Your Hair

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If you are like everybody else, you dread hair loss. It is the reason you get desperate in front of your mirror each time you brush your hair and find a couple of hair strands on your comb. While the loss of utmost 100 strands of hair per day is normal, sometimes we cannot help but freak out. If you suspect that you are losing more strands of hair than the normal range, consider being a little bit more watchful. Identifying hair loss during its initial phase goes a long way in helping curb the situation.

Today, we consider the various ways of identifying potential loss.

More hair in the drain

It is normal to find clumps of hair in the drain after showering, besides on average; a person loses 50-100 strands of hair daily. If you normally wash your hair just once per week, it is okay if the hair in your drain appears to be more than a hundred. So, when is hair in the drain a cause for alarm? When you realize that your hair loss is increasing (it should not be difficult to recognize this occurrence), you should be concerned, and immediately seek professional or medical help.

The size of your ponytail

By now, you are accustomed to the size and feel of your ponytail. Do you think it is getting thinner by the day? If yes, it is possible that you are losing more hair than you should.

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The scalp

Under normal circumstances, unless you have always had few hairs, the scalp is never visible – unless you divide your hair to make it apparent. Now, out of the blues, you can now see some parts of the scalp that weren’t visible earlier. If this is the case for you, book an appointment with a Trichologist or doctor and explain your situation.

Examine your brush

Always examine your brush to determine the amount of hair you lose. If you start to notice more hair on your brush than usual, consider checking up with your doctor to determine if everything is okay.

Your pillow

In the morning, don’t just wake up, make the bed and leave for work. Always check your pillow to see if there are strands of hair. If you notice a couple of strands, no need panicking as it is completely normal. However, be on the lookout for substantial shedding as this could be an indication of an existing problem.

If you notice one or a couple of these warning signs, consult a doctor immediately. It is imperative that he rules out systemic hair loss causes like anemia, thyroid problems, autoimmune conditions such as alopecia, as well as issues of hormonal abnormalities. In the case of male or female baldness, the earlier the treatment is sought, the easier it is to improve the situation – and the more reason individuals ought to be as alert as possible with regard to the health of their hair. Also, besides eating a proper diet, people should learn proper ways of handling and styling their hair to prevent breakage and thinning.

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