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Dealing With Unwanted Hair Growth

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If you are one of the millions of people around the world that suffer from unwanted hair growth, you may be desperate to do something about it although too insecure to ask about options for dealing with unwanted hair growth. 

Unwanted hair growth can be addressed with a number of different options depending on your comfort level, budget, and time constraints. For example, there is concealment, bleaching, shaving, depilatory use, and waxing. 

Conceal your unwanted hair growth

For some people, concealment is an acceptable solution to unwanted hair growth. This method of dealing with hair growth really works best with hair growth that isn't facial hair.

For example, wearing sleeved shirts to conceal unwanted underarm hair growth, or pants and/or long skirts to conceal unwanted leg hair growth. 

An additional plus to the concealment method is that it's pretty inexpensive and absolutely no maintenance. 

Bleach it

Another alternative to unwanted hair growth is bleaching. Bleaching is commonly used for facial hair, especially for women. It can be a good solution to unwanted hair on the upper lip or chin or elsewhere on the face.

You should exercise care when using this method of dealing with unwanted hair though; bleaching agents can cause skin irritation. 

Shave it

Shaving, either with an electric razor or a disposable razor, is another alternative open to you if you want to address hair growth. It's appropriate for just hair removal just about anywhere on the body.

Shaving usually needs to be done every couple of days, so it's sort of a high-maintenance solution to hair growth, although it is convenient, without any kind of special skills or abilities for maintenance, just shaving cream and the razor blade. 

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Depilatory use

If you're looking to address unwanted hair growth with a smoother result than what shaving can provide, then using a depilatory may be a good solution for you.

While you do need to exercise care as the depilatory can cause severe skin irritation, it will eliminate hair growth for a period of several weeks.

Depilatories are not prohibitively expensive but some people do complain about the chemical smell of the solution, although depilatories these days smell far better than they used to. 

Get a wax

For the most long-lasting solution to hair growth, waxing may be the right solution for you. Waxing could be done at a salon or at home, but at a salon is more common.

Waxing may be appropriate for addressing hair growth on just about any part of the body. Waxing may be the most expensive of the options for removal of unwanted hair but it depends on whether or not you do it at home or at the salon. 

As you can see, when you have unwanted hair growth, you can have your pick of solutions to the problem, and they vary based on intensity, length of time for treatment, and budget.

If one solution doesn't work, then you can simply try another until you find the one that's the best fit for you. 

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